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Choke and Kill Manifold
Name:Choke and Kill Manifold
Name:Choke and Kill Manifold
Model:Choke and Kill Manifold
Material:Alloy Steel
Application:Well Drilling
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Choke and Kill Manifold is used to control well kick and pressure. In case of well kick or blowout, Choke Manifold may control downhole pressure by valves open/close. Heavy slurry may be pumped into well by Kill Manifold to reach pressure balance. Besides, Choke Manifold can be applied to well cleanup and blow-off.   


Choke Manifold

-Control pressure to prevent overflow and blowout.

-Reduce wellhead casing pressure by relief function of choke valve.

-Full-bore and two-way metal seal.

-Choke bean features hard alloy inside, delivering high resistance to erosion and corrosion.

-The relief valve helps to reduce casing pressure and protect BOP. 

-Configuration type: single-wing, double-wing, multiple-wing or riser manifold.

-Control type: manual, hydraulic, RTU.

Kill Manifold

-Kill manifold is mainly used to kill well, prevent fire and assist in fire extinction.

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