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Sucker Rod BOP
Name:Sucker Rod BOP
Name:Sucker Rod BOP
Model:Dual Ram Sucker Rod BOP
Material:Alloy Steel
Application:Oil Production
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The Sucker Rod BOP is mainly used to seal the sucker rod in the process of lifting or lowering the sucker rod in oil Wells, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of blowout accidents. Manual Dual Ram Sucker Rod BOP is equipped with blind ram and semi-sealed ram each one. The upper end of the BOP is equipped with a rod sealing unit. When the sealing rubbers in the rod sealing unit need to be replaced, but the rod in the well, the semi-sealed ram can seal the rod and annulus to achieve the purpose of well sealing. When there is no sucker rod in the well, the wellhead can be closed with the blind ram.


It is simple in structure, easy to use and maintain, small in size, light in weight, simple and reliable in operation. It is mainly composed of shell, end cover, piston, screw, ram assembly, handle and other parts.

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