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Material:Carbon Steel
Processing Type:Forging
Model Number:Y221/Y111/Y341
Use:Well Drilling

Product Description

1, High pressure-resistance, good-sealing, good -tightness, stable, secure. 

2, Setting securely, operate simply and unsealing 

Y221packer plays a pivotal role in the underground yield increase operation such as oil well fracture and acidification. The ring space between the casing and oil pipe is blocked by it during the fracture process to establish local high-pressure zone in some stratum and make the working medium conduct underground operation based on the selected stratum, so as to increase the petroleum yield.


Y111packer is mainly used for the separate stratum injection of water well and the stratum oil exploration of oil well.


Y341packer is mainly used for the stratum testing for oil, oil and water exploration, water plugging and acidification. It can either be used individually or used together with slip-type packer or supporting clip. 


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