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Name:Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
Standard:API, API 5DP, API 5DP
Thickness:6.88 - 12.7 mm
Outer Diameter:2.375 - 6.625 inch
Technique:Hot Rolled
Process:Hot Rolled

Product Description

The Heavy Weight drill pipe has the following characteristics:

(1) The drill pipe joint is longer than the ordinary drill pipe, can provide a large wear surface and weight, and the joint thread can be repaired multiple times;

(2) Compared with the drill pipe of the same size, the wall thickness is 2-3 times larger than that of the ordinary drill pipe. The outer diameter of the pipe body and the joint is the same as that of the ordinary drill pipe. The inner hole is flat inside, and the inner hole diameter is at least equal to the drill collar. Inner diameter.

(3) The middle outer thickening section acts as a small stabilizer. Increased bending resistance.

(4) The surface of the joint is welded and wear-resistant hard alloy, and the service life can be extended by 4 times.

(5) Drill string fatigue failure often occurs on several drill pipe above the drill collar, because the section changes sharply from the drill collar to the drill pipe, and the bending stress is concentrated on this part of the drill pipe. If 15 to 30 weighted drill pipes are added between the drill collar and the drill pipe, and the drill pipe is added, the change of the section can be alleviated, the stress concentration can be reduced, and the drill pipe connected with the drill collar can be prevented from being fatigue-damaged; thereby reducing the drill accident. . In addition, compared with the drill collar, the heavy weirht drill pipe has the advantages of easy fishing, shortening the time for drilling, convenient transportation, etc., and can maintain the orientation of the directional well to stabilize the slope. In the case of the same hook load and the same drilling pressure, the use of the weighted drill pipe can also improve the drilling depth of the rig.

(6) For directional wells: After the heavy weirht drill pipe is connected to the directional well drill string, the drill collar and the heavy weight drill pipe body can be kept close to the well wall, thereby reducing the possibility of sticking the stuck drill. The sliding drilling process is beneficial to the directional well and horizontal well trajectory control. It can also better control the inclination angle and azimuth of the well and reduce the number of directional work, thus shortening the well construction period of the directional well.

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