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Beam Pumping Unit
Name:Beam Pumping Unit
Name:Beam Pumping Unit
Standard:API 11E
Model:API C Series
Material:Alloy Steel
Application:Oil Production
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API C series pumping unit, a conventional beam pumping unit, adopting crank as its way of balance, is the most comman and widely used ground power equipment in rod pumping in the oilfield. The product meets the requirements of " The Specification of the Pumping Unit" of API SPEC 11E and other related standards. It's granted with the premit of the API logo.

Characteristics of Technical Performance of C series

1. Featured in modular and virtual manufacturing technology design, the product boasts of its optimizing structure and high level of standardization, generalization and serialization.

2. Having passed the FEM (finite element) analysis and research, the key structural components possess stable performance and high reliability.

3. Adopted the involute or biarc herring bone gear in symmetric distribution type to transmit, the reducer is renowned for its tight seal, low noise, smooth operation and reliability and durability.

4. The whole machine features in easy operation, convenient maintenance and long lifespan.

Specification of Oil Pumping Unit

The C series walking beam-balanced pumping unit is used to supply the common power in the oil extraction industry. It is connected with the polish rod and drives the subsurface pump to move up and down.


1. With the modular programming and virtual manufacturing design, the production structure optimizes and the components have a higher level of standardization, generalization and systematization.

2. The finite element analysis enables the key parts a stable performance and high reliability.

3. Double circular gears and in volute herring- bone gear are used in gear reducer to provide smooth running, close sealing, lower noise and higher load capacity.

4. It's simple to operate and convenient to repair. It has a long service life.

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