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Drill Pipe Thread Protector
Name:Drill Pipe Thread Protector
Name:Drill Pipe Thread Protector
Application:Drill Pipe
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Heavy duty plastic Drill Pipe Thread Protectors are used for protect the thread of drill pipes, drill collars, drill subs and other drilling tools. It is made of HDPE and other material to ensures the impact strength, stress cracking resistance and low temperature resistance of the thread protectors. Our heavy duty plastic thread protectors are beautiful in appearance, high in strength, good in rigidity, easy to use for loading and unloading, scientific and reasonable structure design and advanced production technology, which ensure the high quality of the products.

We can produce the thread protectors of NC connection, REG connection, IF connection, FH connection, DSTJ connection, VX connection, VF connection, HT connection, PAC connection. Good quality with fast deliver time. Our Thread Protectors are always your first choice.

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