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KHT9625 Casing Power Tong
Name:KHT9625 Casing Power Tong
Name:KHT9625 Casing Power Tong
Size:2 7/8"~9 5/8"
Material:Alloy Steel
Application:Well Drilling
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KHT9625 Casing Power Tong is used to make up and break out for casing operation in oil fields,which is a kind of heavy set casing tong ,suitable for Maximum casing pipe diameter 9 5/8″,master、backup tong are all use three-jaw clamp system,. It has greatly reduced the labor of worker, enhanced connection quality of thread and diminished accidents in inappropriate casing operation. 


 (1) Opening type, convenient and prompt to enter and slide off the working position, with an integral tong head of great strength and rigidity.

(2) Master、backup tong are all use three-jaw clamp system, ensure the minimum damage to the tube pillar. Two front jaw of master tong is swing type, rear type is roller climbing type, disassembling is very convenient, The design of best cutting diameter can ensure the reliable clamping and easy back climbing; the master tong is liquid push climbing three-jaw structure, which is simple, and reliable.

(3) Four gear speed used,wide range of speed adjustment,rated torque high

(4) Brake belt assembly, easy to operate and convenient to maintain and replace. 

(5) Open gear supporting structure, improving the strength and rigidity. 

(6) The jaws are cast with precise technology, artistic and strong.

(7) With optional torque control system to display, record and control the make-up torque.




 Range of Master Tong


27/8"-     95/8"

Range of Backup Tong


27/8"-     101/2"

High Gear Rated Torque

3600 N.m

2700 ft-lbs

Low Gear Rated Torque

34000 N.m

25000 ft-lbs

High Gear Rated Speed

65 RPM

Low Gear Rated Speed

6.5 RPM

Rated Operation Pressure

14 MPa

2000 psi

Max.   Flow

150 LPM

 40 GPM 

Dimension :L x W x H

1500 x 790 x 1750


Weight(including Backup Tong)

1220 kg

2680 lbs

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