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ZQ203/125 Drill Pipe Power Tong
Name:ZQ203/125 Drill Pipe Power Tong
Name:Drill Pipe Power Tong
Material:Alloy Steel
Application:Well Drilling
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ZQ203/125 Drill pipe power tong is updated power tong of ZQ203/100 drill pipe tong, it is suitable for petroleum and mine drilling operation. Tong head is opening type, it can automatically release the drill pipe and the property is flexible. This tong makes up or breaks out without any cat head, manual tong and spinning rope (or spinning chain). The structure is the combination together with spinner and torque tong.

Using this tong can ensure safety, save labor force and enhance drilling efficiency. It is special suitable for frequent round trip and long drilling period.

ZQ203/125 Drill pipe tong has a great improvement comparing with ZQ203/100 Drill pipe tong, it has bigger torque and improved structure, installed with hydraulic lift for adjusting the height of this power tong itself.

Main Technical Parameters





5"-   8"

High Gear Rated Torque

10000 N.m

7380 ft-lbs

Low   Gear Rated Torque

125000 N.m

92250 ft-lbs

High Gear Rated Speed

33 r/min

Low   Gear Rated Speed

2.2 r/min

Rated   Operation Pressure

18 MPa

2610  psi

Rared   Flow

120 L/min

32  gpm

Dimension :L x W x H

1750 x 1060  x 1680

Weight(including Backup Tong)

2500 kg

5512 lbs

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