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Name:air operated thread protector

Product Description

In the process of casing lifting, it is inevitable that the ordinary casing quick release thread protector will be collided or friction with the drilling platform ramp, so it is easy to produce the phenomenon of wrong buckle and undetachable. Drillers usually use knockout, gas welding, cutting, and other methods to remove the thread protector, which can cause casing thread damage and increase non-working time. To solve this problem, our company organized technicians to compare the advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of conventional casing quick release thread protector, rubber and mechanical, and began the research of casing air operated thread protector. In material design, technicians choose materials with strong oil resistance and shear resistance, which can effectively prolong the service life of products. After repeated design and debugging, our company successfully developed the casing air operated thread protector, after the field test, the performance meets the design requirements. A new type of air operated thread protector can make the inner cavity expand and hold the common thread end of the casing through the way of inflating, and the process of filling and discharging is quick, which can improve the casing down-casing speed and save the working time. It is especially effective in the use of large caliber casing. Compared with other types of quick release thread protector, the new type of air operated thread protector is more convenient to operate, the working efficiency is increased 10 times, the service life is increased 3 times, and the construction speed and quality of casing are improved effectively.

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