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Hydraulic Power Unit
Name:Hydraulic Power Unit
Name:Hydraulic Power Unit
rated flow:160L/min
Model:YD 160
rated pressure:16 Mpa
available volume:506 L
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1. General

YD160 hydraulic power unit is a separate and whole device, it consists of oil pump, control valve, oil tank, motor, oil filter  and gauge etc. there are many advantages such as: simple structure, convenient operation , high pressure ,large displacement , high efficiency  and stable performance.

The production is a necessary hydraulic power assembly among  all oil drilling well machines. It is suitable for wellhead mechanical equipments such as : Q10Y hydraulic power tong、TQ20 casing tong and YM hydraulic cathead and  YJ hydraulic auxiliary winch .

2.  Technical Parameter

rated  pressure                16MPa

highest pressure                20MPa

rated flow                     160L/min

available volume               506 L

overall dimension              1700X1200X1150mm pump model                  160SCY14-1BF

motor model                  YB2250M-6

power                              37kw

3. Structure  and  Working Principle 

Refer to figure 1 .

1、 Oil pump is a hand and variable plunger pump , the motor drives  pump shaft to rotate through elasticity shaft  coupling, the absorbing oil cavity forms  gradually when plunger pump running and oil flows into it under atmosphere pressure effect, because of  reciprocating motion of plunger pump  and oil blow out  then into oil circuit , at the same time plunger pump adjusts flow capacity.

2、 YF-B20 control valve  is a high pressure overflow valve , the rated pressure is set as  16Mpa .when work pressure is over than 16MPa, the valve opens and a part of oil returns to  tank that system pressure will not over set value for sure  system safe.

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