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Sucker Rod
Name:Sucker Rod
Name:Sucker Rod
Standard:API 11B
Length:25FT, 30FT
Material:Alloy Steel
Application:Oil Production
Grade:C, D, K, H
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Product Application

Sucker rod is the common equipment in the oil extraction. It is manufactured through many process including the testing, straightening and forging. The sucker rod is placed between the polished rod and oil well pump. To deliver power. Sucker rod is manufactured from high quality carbon steel and alloy steel, which is conform to the API Spec 11B standard. Sucker rod has various types including the common sucker rod, hollow sucker rod and FRP sucker rod. Commonly we use the sucker rod coupling to connect the sucker rod. The sucker rod also has various specs to fit different environments and applications.

One piece of sucker rod and one pieces of sucker rod with coupling with explanation on it.


The sucker rod has various types:

Common sucker rod

Grade C sucker rod.

Grade D sucker rod.

Grade K sucker rod.

Grade KD sucker rod.

High tensile sucker rod: grade H sucker rod

Grade HY sucker rod.

Grade HL sucker rod.

Grade KHL sucker rod.

Special sucker rod: hollow sucker rod

Continuous sucker rod.

Screw pump sucker rod

Taper thread sucker rod

Plug sucker rod.

FRP sucker rod: fiber reinforced plastic sucker rod

Flexible sucker rod

Carbon fiber composite sucker rod

Steel wire rope sucker rod.

Electric sucker rod


Material: high quality carbon steel or alloy steel.

Grade: C, D, K, H.

Rod diameter: 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1" and 1-1/4".


25', 26' and 30' for sucker rod.

2', 4', 6', 8', 10' for pony rod.

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