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Belt Pumping Unit
Name:Belt Pumping Unit
Name:Belt Pumping Unit
Material:Alloy Steel
Application:Oil Production
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The Belt Pumping Unit is a pure mechanical transmission, especially suitable for large pump liquid extraction, small pump deep pumping, heavy oil mining, has been developed by our company to twelve types. In addition to more than 5,000 machines operating in major domestic oil fields such as Shengli, Dagang, Liaohe, Changqing, Zhongyuan, Jianghan, etc., it is also exported to the United States, Canada, Argentina, Indonesia, Russia and other countries. This machine has international advanced level, high efficiency, reliability, safety and energy saving, which brings good economic benefits to users.

Main advantages

1. Long stroke and low stroke times: Long stroke makes the pump full of high coefficient and low hydraulic impact; low stroke times make the underground equipment wear less and the operating cost is low;

2. Belt transmission: Long-life heavy-duty belt is used to transmit power, and its elastic buffering function can reduce the commutation impact and make the sucker rod run smoothly;

3. Low torque requirement: Since the arm is only 0.31 ~ 0.43m, greatly reducing the torque requirements, you can choose a small power motor and a small gearbox, energy saving 10 ~ 40%;

4. Optimized structural design, safe and convenient: the disc brake system ensures safety; the whole machine is closed design, the overall shift workover, folding transportation, safe and convenient;

5. High reliability, no need for frequent maintenance and repair: the whole machine is designed to have uniform stress and good rigidity. The use of wear-resistant bearings, long-life belts, and heavy-duty chains ensure high reliability of the whole machine; mechanical balance, perfect lubrication system, automatic protection device and complete machine closure, so that the machine does not need frequent maintenance;

6. The complete oil production supporting system can be used for pumping liquid with large pump or deep pumping with small pump.

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