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Name:mud pump piston assembly

Product Description


  The piston assembly is the main component of the hydraulic end system of the drilling pump and one of the more consumable parts used in drilling work. The piston core is made of 42CrMo. Our company can produce F series, 3NB series, 9-P-100/13-P-130/12-P-160 series, PZ7/8/9 series drilling pumps with various sizes of piston assembly metric (inch).

  The piston rubber, also known as the piston cup, is the main component in the hydraulic end system of the drilling mud pump, and is also one of the wearing parts with a large amount of use in the mud pump. The piston rubber is made of rubber vulcanized. The ordinary piston rubber is made of nitrile rubber or polyurethane rubber to improve the working temperature range of the rubber.

  Our company has developed a piston rubber with a unique formula, which can effectively improve the wear resistance, extend the service life and improve the working efficiency of the mud pump compared with the ordinary piston rubber.

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