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Hydraulic Efficiency Pumping Unit
Name:Hydraulic Efficiency Pumping Unit
Name:Hydraulic Efficiency Pumping Unit
Material:Alloy Steel
Application:Oil Production
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The tower hydraulic efficiency pumping unit is composed of a balanced energy conversion system, a pulley block stroke amplification system, a hydraulic system, an electronic monitoring and alarm system, an electronic control system, a tower frame, a sucker rod and other parts. The rise and fall of the sucker rod is achieved by the decrease and rise of the counterweight in the pumping unit frame to drive the sucker rod.

Suspension point load 0-10 tons, 3-5 meters stroke, 1-4 times / minute hydraulic pumping unit motor rated power 4 / 5.5KW, compared with the same specification pumping unit, the motor capacity is reduced by 80% , The energy saving effect is obvious (25% -30% energy saving).

At the same time, the investment in supporting power facilities (such as transformers and transmission lines) of oil wells has been greatly reduced.

The machine operates with low noise (≤70dB is equivalent to the sound of people in normal communication), which is the first choice for the pumping unit in the community.

The equipment can be placed in the maintenance and repair, the maintenance and repair height is less than 2.5m, safe and convenient;

The rack can be put down during maintenance, which can give more space for oil well maintenance;

The hydraulic system is equipped with a pressure safety valve. When the suspension point load of the pumping unit exceeds the rated value, the hydraulic system alarms and automatically unloads to ensure the safe operation of the sucker rod;

The moving parts are all wrapped in the frame and the pulley box, which provides safety protection for people and animals;

The motors, reversing valves, AC contactors, etc. of the hydraulic system all use explosion-proof non-EDM components to ensure the safety and reliability of the pumping unit in any oil and gas field under any working conditions.

The rope suspension of the energy-saving hydraulic pumping unit is connected by a German imported surface contact flexible strength steel rope, with high safety factor, strong fatigue resistance and long service life;

The balance device, transmission device, rope suspender and sucker rod work in a closed state, protect from wind and sand, easy maintenance, and extend the service life of the equipment;

The parts and components adopt well-known brands at home and abroad, such as hydraulic components adopt internationally renowned brands such as Rexroth and Eaton, the steel wire rope adopts the world's best Falford steel wire rope, the electrical components adopt Schneider Electric, and the cylinder piston and piston rod seal adopt Che's. Sealed, high reliability, hydraulic cylinder working cylinder is controlled by program, and the technical quality and performance are reliable;

Reasonable design matching, hydraulic system working pressure is lower than 10MPa, high reliability

The hydraulic drive system is adopted, so the stroke, stroke and up and down stroke speed of the pumping unit can be adjusted steplessly in a large range, and the versatility of the pumping unit is strong

The hydraulic system uses an anti-wear hydraulic oil energy transfer medium, which can work in an environment of +40 degrees Celsius to -40 degrees Celsius. There is no need to change the hydraulic oil when the season changes.

Compared with the traditional beam pumping unit, the hydraulic pumping unit eliminates the reducer and the four-link mechanism, so the quality of the whole machine is reduced by about 20% compared with the same beam pumping unit.

The hydraulic pumping unit frame can be tilted and placed on the base of the pumping unit, which greatly facilitates equipment maintenance and oil well overhaul.

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