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Casing Power Tong TQ340/35YA
Name:Casing Power Tong TQ340/35YA
Name:Casing Power Tong
Standard:ISO API
Size:4 1/2"~13 3/8"
Material:Alloy Steel
Application:Casing Running Service
Torque:25810 ftlbs
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1. Summary

TQ340/35Y Casing Power Tong is used to make up and break out for casing operation in oil fields. It has greatly reduced the labor of worker, enhanced connection quality of thread and diminished accidents in inappropriate casing operation. The power tong has the following features as well:

 Opening type, convenient and prompt to enter and slide off the working position, with an integral tong head of great strength and rigidity.

 Double swing head jaws, convenient to assemble and disassemble.

 Brake belt assembly, easy to operate and convenient to maintain and replace.

 Open gear supporting structure, improving the strength and rigidity.

 Wholly hydraulic mode and mechanical gear shift.

 The jaws are cast with precise technology, artistic and strong.

 With optional torque control system to display, record and control the make-up torque.

2. Technical parameters

(1) Application Range 41/2″、5″、51/2″、65/8″、7″、85/8″、95/8″、103/4″、133/8″Casing 

(2) Torque Range @ 2320 psi / 16 Mpa

High gear:3540ft-lbs./4800Nm

Low gear: 25810 ft-lbs. /350000Nm

(3) Maximum RPM @ 32 GPM / 120 LPM

High gear:42 rpm 

Low gear: 6 rpm

(4) Oil Flow 32 GPM @ 2320 psi / 120 LPM @ 16 Mpa

(5) Overall Dimension 1580×900×850 mm/62.2"×35.5"×33.5" 

(6) Weight 750 kg/1650 lbs

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