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KHT5500 Tubing Tong
Name:KHT5500 Tubing Tong
Name:KHT5500 Tubing Tong
Size:2 3/8
Material:Alloy Steel
Application:Well Service
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KHT5500 hydraulic power tongs is the open power tongs which is applicable to make up or break out 23/8"-31/2"drill pipes, 23/8"-41/2"tubing and 41/2"-51/2" casing during oil field workover operation. And three-jaw-plate clamping device is adopted in the master tong and back tongs. The device may ensure minimum string damage. It has high operation efficiency and may reduce working intensity of the workers. It can enhance screwing quality of the string and reduce string accidents caused by improper workover operation.


. The tong head is the open structure which is quick and convenient for entering and retreating working position. The integral tong head has good hardness and rigidity;

The three-jaw-plate clamping device is adopted in the master tong and back tongs. The device may ensure minimum string damage. The front two jaw plates of the master tong are in the swing structure and the back jaw plate is the roller-climbing structure. The assembly and disassembly is very convenient. The optimum tangent-diameter ratio design ensures reliable clamping and easy slope retreating. The back tong is the three-jaw-plate structure pushed by hydraulic cylinder. The structure is simple and the clamping is reliable;

Four-gear rotation is adopted for large speed regulation range. And the rated torque is large;

It has the braking mode with braking staple. The braking torque is large. The operation is simple. And it is convenient for repair and replacement;

With the open large gear supporting structure, hardness and rigidity of open large gear is enhanced considerably;

The shell is made of steel plate with high hardness. The overall hardness is good. Various jaw plates are made with fine casting and forging process. It has beautiful appearance and high hardness;

Hydraulic torque indicator is provided. And installation interface of turning torque instrument is provided for computerized management.


1. Applicable range Master tong: 23/8″--51/2″; Back tong: 23/8″--61/2″

2. Opening size (master tong) 5 7/8″ (150 mm)

3. Tong head speed: High gear 78 RPM

(@40GPM / 150 LPM) Second high gear 33 RPM

Second low gear 22 RPM

Low gear 9.5 RPM

4. Torque High gear 2500 N·m

(@2000PSI / 14 MPa) Second high gear 5900 N·m

Second low gear 8800 N·m

Low gear 20000 N·m

5. Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 48″×33.9″×67.3″ / 1220×860×1708 mm

6. Weight: Master tong: 1230 lb

Composite tong: 2100 lb

7. Specifications of jaw plates: 5.5″(139.7mm),5″(127mm), 4.5″(114.3mm), 3.5″(88.9mm), 2.88″(73mm), 2.38″(60.3mm) and 6.5″(165.1mm)

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