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Name:High Pressure Swivel Joint
Type:High Pressure Swivel Joint
Head Code:Hexagon
Usage:For connection

Product Description

Active elbows are made of high strength alloy steel and heat treated. which guarantees rated working pressure and long life. Active elbows are equipped with steel balls in the hardened rail, which enables flexible rotation. Both ends can be connected with female LP threads or union, which is suitable for all kinds of pipe installation.

The long radius structure minimizes the corrosion of the flowing medium. The first layer of seal is the compound rubber with metal blowout preventing ring. In case of seal leakage, the pressure reducing butter retainer prevents pressure from accumulating inside the rolling track cavity. The streamline inside the rolling track cavity. The streamline nominal diameter minimizes the flow resistance. The design of smooth round caliber reduces fluid turbulence and pressure decrease and the long radius active elbow allows better fluidity. All ball tracks have been quenched and carbureted. Pressure resisting sealing property can protect the ball track as well as the steel ball from the impact of the liquids in the pipeline within the pressure range and under the suction working condition.

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