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Reverse Circulation Fishing Magnet
Name:Reverse Circulation Fishing Magnet
Name:Reverse Circulation Fishing Magnet
Material:Alloy Steel
Application:Well Fishing
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Reverse Circulation Fishing Magnet is a new fishing tool based on Standard Fishing Magnet. It combines advantages of Reverse Circulation Fishing Basket and Fishing Magnet. Its unique reverse-circulation design brings better performance on cleaning bottom hole.


Reverse Circulation Fishing Magnet Assembly consists of lifting bail, top sub, housing, magnet element, pole plate, standard flush guide, and steel ball. When using we can select appropriate guide.


Run the fishing magnet in a place which approximate 40 inches from the bottom of hole. Circulate to wash the fish,reduce circulation and lower the fishing magnet to the bottom of hole to attach the fish. Slowly rotate to ensure positive contact. Lift up 10 to 20 inches, drop the steel ball into the fishing string, and pump the steel ball into ball seat. Rotate and circulate for a moment, discontinue circulation and lift the fishing magnet from the hole.

Optional Accessories

A flush guide is standard. Lipped guides and mill guides are also available. 

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