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By Smith Sharlin

Nov 29,2021

Hydraulic tubing tong ready to deliver

Model XQ114/6YB hydraulic power tong is an open type power tong for the making up and breaking out of tubing in well services. This product has the following features:

1.1 The tong is made up of master tong and backup tong, the master tong has a high and low gear train, the tong is compact, light and efficient.

1.2 The master tong and backup hydraulics operate on valve banks independent of each other.

1.3 There is an evident speed :high speed at top grade and large torque at low grade.

1.4 The tong has incorporated a new system of disc brake to hold the jaws to connection more effectively.

1.5 Makeup and breakout are made easy with a simple turn to the reset knob on the tong and backup.

1.6 The backup has been supplied with quick coupling hoses and connections for quick and easy installation for jobs where you need a backup and the backup can be removed in seconds for jobs that a backup is not required.

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