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By Smith Sharlin

May 13,2022

CHD Pneumatic spider

C/CHD/E pneumatic spider is mainly utilized in the petrochemical industry to lock and hold drill pipe and oil pipe for well pulling the petrol oil and natural gas wells. The products are designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec 7K. All spiders can be either manually, or pneumatically or hydraulically operated to effectively mitigate the labor intensity and increase the work efficiency. With optimal construction, the pneumatic spider is operated in an easy, safe and reliable manner, and believed to be an ideal tool for well pulling. To correctly understand the features and functions of the pneumatic spider, please read the operation instruction manual carefully before using the product.

The driving system of C/CHD/E pneumatic spider consists of crank and linking rod, with rotary slip assemblies in two halves, each containing two rotary slips connected to the swivel arm ,while the other end of the swivel arm connects to the right crank and left crank , which is linked together by the linking rod. When the cylinder drives the linking rod, the crank is rotated around the center to raise the rotary slip for releasing the pipe or lower the rotary slip for gripping the pipe. The crank can be prevented from rotation when the stop is engaged with linking rod shoulder, which is necessary to avoid the accidental loosening of the pipe when the engagement is applied during the pipe gripping process.

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