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By Smith Sharlin

May 11,2020

Outbound delivery of the US 237 million Shanghai-based offshore heavy equipment

Xinmin Evening News  At 12:30 noon today, the Panamanian "Innovation Road" semi-submersible ship, carrying the US $ 237 million worth of "Energy Advantage" oil drilling platform The anchorage set sail, and the Yangshan border inspection station strictly implemented various epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure the safe and smooth exit of the drilling platform and help enterprises resume production. This is the third large-scale offshore engineering equipment delivered this year in the Lingang New Area of the Free Trade Zone.

Because the drilling platform has no power system, outbound delivery needs to be carried by semi-submersible ship. The semi-submersible vessel “Road for Innovation” that carried out this transportation mission left the last port of East Timor on March 26. After nearly a month of continuous navigation on the sea, it reached the anchorage of Luhua Mountain in the East China Sea. Epidemic symptoms. After checking the trajectory of the semi-submersible ship and checking the crew's itinerary, the Yangshan border inspection station comprehensively assessed it as a low-risk ship. On April 26, border inspection units such as border inspections cooperated closely to start the 32-seater boarding and departure rotation process of semi-submersible vessels according to the plan, and promptly checked the witnesses of 17 newly-boarded Chinese crew members who had been quarantined for 14 days Help him get on the boat. Subsequently, after the 15 Chinese crew members who left the ship were not subject to abnormal conditions after customs quarantine, the Yangshan border inspection station moved the duty window to the crew landing point to go through the immigration and border inspection procedures to ensure that the crew members were sent to the closed transfer channel to Specify the isolation point. While the crew were all in place, the platform loading and commissioning work was in full swing.

On May 2nd, two large-horsepower tugs dragged an oil rig weighing more than 17,000 tons from the Lingao Waigaoqiao Marine Engineering Pier to the sea, and the "Innovation Road" semi-submersible ship anchored at the anchorage of Luhua Mountain. After meeting with each other, the Yangshan Border Inspection Station assisted each other to remotely handle the boarding procedures for 6 Chinese technicians on the platform through the Net Window System of the National Immigration Administration to ensure their boarding of foreign semi-submersible ships. Under the escort of many parties, the semi-submersible vessel successfully carried out semi-submersible operations. The hull was submerged for more than 20 meters. The tug dragged the drilling platform to the position of the semi-submersible loading platform, and then the semi-submersible vessel floated up to lift the drilling platform, which was completed safely. Loading tasks. On May 6, the technical staff completed all the lashing, fixing and inspection work before the platform exited, and then returned by boat. The Yangshan border inspection station stamped the exit and entry certificates of the 17 crew members who had boarded the ship and were handed over to the ship by the agent. square. This morning, after receiving the application for the semi-submersible ship to sail, the remote network of the Yangshan border inspection station completed the formalities for the ship's exit border inspection. At 12 noon, the "Innovation Road" semi-submersible ship carrying the "Energy Advantage" oil drilling platform, shouldering the full advantage of China, went to the Middle East waters and opened a new exploration road.

The Yangshan border inspection station closely follows the delivery needs of large offshore oil rigs, and provides sufficient guarantees in terms of ship entry and exit, crew entry and exit, technical personnel boarding and departure commissioning, crew replacement, etc. The immigration management measures have made the crew's shifts tightly closed, making entry and exit formalities safe and fast, and making platform delivery convenient and smooth. Since the epidemic, the Lingang New Area of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone has brought out an extraordinary mental state at a critical moment, forming an unusual development craze, running out of the acceleration of resuming production and reversing the trend. The platform leaves the factory almost every month, and the production delivery volume in April climbed to the highest level in history. At present, there are three rigs on the docks of Lingang Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd., which are undergoing final outfitting and commissioning, and all of them are scheduled to be delivered within the year.

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