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By Smith Sharlin

May 25,2020

The drilling team GW215 broke 10,000 meters

On May 14, we learned from a company of Great Wall drilling and drilling that the GW215 team of the Niger project of this company broke through the 10,000-meter mark when drilling to 766.8 meters in the gololow-11 well, becoming the first drilling team to break through the 10,000-meter mark among the eight drilling teams of CNPC Niger phase ii project.

This year, the GW215 team officially implemented the contract of well contracting for CNPC Niger phase ii project.

At the start of project construction, comprehensive project department in the Great Wall drilling Niger and drilling with the assistance of a company, GW215 team together with brother team, a comprehensive summary of prophase construction well, through the formulation and perfecting Koulele block construction work instructions, the transformation process, adjusting the construction parameters of solids control equipment, optimization of directional technology, change the mud system and performance measures, such as not only to eliminate the downhole complex circumstance of accident, also reached the significant effect of the drilling speed.

So far, the team has achieved an average mechanical speed of 23.25 meters per hour.

Since February this year, covid-19 has been wreaking havoc around the world, seriously affecting the shift work of Chinese personnel, material supply and orderly work order.

Team GW215 makes full use of the activity carriers such as party members' team members' team members' team members' team members' demonstration posts to carry out face-to-face heart-to-heart talks, encourage and guide the staff to put themselves in a right mood, release their potential, and devote themselves wholeheartedly to production work to ensure the smooth and orderly progress of production.

The festival of ramadhan begins on April 25 in Niger.

Local employees fasted from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m., apparently lacking energy during the day.

In the face of this situation, GW215 team has always adhered to the principle of putting people first, fully respected the local culture, and ensured safe and efficient production by reasonably arranging employees' work tasks and reducing employees' workload during the day. Employees are in good condition during their stay in Ramadan.

By May 14, GW215 had drilled 3 Wells and completed 5 Wells, and the production on the well was smooth.

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