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By Smith Sharlin

Sep 26,2021

Tubing Stabbing Guide deliver

Stabbing guides allow for quicker, easier stabbing and adds protection from stabbing damage to threaded connections.
The self-adjusting latch holds the stabbing guide in place on both new and worn box ODs, and the spring loaded-lever, when triggered, releases the guide for quick removal after stabbing.

When stabbing joints of pipe, the geometry of the stabbing guide ensures the two joints are perfectly concentric, allowing them to be screwed together and torqued properly.

There are always two main features when referring to stabbing guide geometry: the thru-bore (top) and the counterbore (bottom). The counterbore slides over and rests on the box end of the pipe (female), while the thru-bore guides the pin threads (male) to align with the box threads. It is common practice to make the thru-bore and counterbore out of a strong, durable material that is somewhat elastic. These types of materials vary widely; care should be taken to select one that will stand up to all working conditions it may encounter including extreme temperatures, drilling fluids, corrosive chemicals, water, impact, fatigue, etc.

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