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By Smith Sharlin

Apr 07,2020

CNPC won another high-yield exploration well in Sichuan

On April 6, the fourth stage test of the Gaoshi 122 well in Southwest Oil and Gas Company obtained a high-yield industrial gas flow with a daily output of 601,600 cubic meters. D.

Well Gaoshi 122 is located in Anyue County, Ziyang City. It is a horizontal process well deployed by Dengxitai in the Gaoshiti structure Gaoshi 18 well area of the Central Sichuan ancient uplift. And supporting production technology to increase output. The well was drilled on April 9, 2019, with a depth of 6579 meters and a length of 1023 meters in the horizontal well section. After a section of acidification and transformation, the high-productivity industrial gas flow was tested.

Since the outbreak of the New Corona Virus, Southwest Oil and Gas Company has always adhered to the prevention and control of the epidemic and accelerated the deployment requirements for resumption of production, optimized and refined the annual plan, actively promoted various progress, strengthened multi-party coordination, and intervened and prepared in advance. For key phase wells such as Gaoshi 122, refine on-site management, timely docking, and make efforts to make test arrangements to ensure that relevant resources are implemented in advance, and that key link construction safety and quality control are in place. Through unremitting efforts, the Gaoshi 122 well successfully completed the test task efficiently and smoothly for the first time.

Up to now, the production efficiency of a series of process wells such as Moxi 123, Moxi 129H, Gaoshi 118, and Gaoshi 122 have been significantly improved, and the scale of reserves has been effectively upgraded. The completion of the three comprehensive and four continuous “goal” goals has laid a solid foundation for promoting local economic development.

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